Innovator Insights: Bree Goldstein

A former fire fighter (yes, you read that correctly — and she’s worked for the Forest Service as a wild land fire fighter), Bree Goldstein is now the founder of UpDog, a simple app that enables users to use videos to share their experiences on social media, communicate with businesses and watch others’ reviews before spending time or money with a company. The idea came as a result of Bree’s PR / communications business (she also has a business communications degree from the University of Chicago), discussions with Millennials and watching the rising consumption of mobile video.

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Featured in Fast Company!

UpDog’s Founder, Bree Goldstein was featured in Fast Company. Read the story of how she got her start as a fire fighter and the lessons she learned that impact her as a tech founder. Read the article here.

BetaPage: UpDog Live

A video review and check-in platform for businesses, events and locations worldwide.

UpDog video review is the number one app to share your experiences and see your friends’ videos reviews, comments and ratings. See the full post here.

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Best Review System

“Wouldn’t it be good if there was a way to review and share your experience at a restaurant, hotel or guitar lesson via video and blast it out to the world on your favorite social media platforms? Fortunately I’ve found such a product.

The product is called UpDog – a video review app that enables to people have amazing experiences.”

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UpDog: Video Take Over – Central-Florida based app revamps the review industry.


Discovering the power that social media held on the newer generations was key to the success of Goldstein’s idea. Millenials prefer streamlined mobile apps that have one purpose and are easily accessible rather than bulky websites. UpDog allows consumers to review a business, location, or event with a simple 15-second video. It provides a platform that relates specifically to your current geographic location and the three miles surrounding it…

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Straight Outta Orlando: Two New Review Apps

Learn about UpDog and BlurtBox!

“A small, local business where I worked part time some years back was targeted by false reviews on Yelp and was powerless to rectify it. The frustration was palpable. Been there? Done that? There are some alternatives in the marketplace that are sure to gain traction because not only are they better for businesses, they’re fun for users.”

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For a University of Central Florida adjunct professor, an idea for an app started from a joke.

When someone says, “You smell that? Smells like ‘up dog,’ you reply with, ‘What’s up dog?’ ” and the person delivers the punchline by saying, “Nothing much. What’s up with you?”

That’s where Bree Goldstein came up with the name for an app she created called UpDog — a video review site she hopes will rival giant review sites like Yelp and Trip Advisor.

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